Learning from the Forum

We Are Here & Campus in Camps

BAK – Bridging Art and Knowledge, Utrecht (NL)
April 5th – 9th 2016

Taught by the refugees, this series of workshops and public events considers the question of representation within art and politics with regards to their struggle. The program focuses on the upcoming Forum, a gathering of undeportable refugees from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany at the 3-country point in Vaals. Convened by We Are Here, the Forum aims to internationalize the agenda for the recognition of the political subjects who are currently “living without approval.” The series considers the need for a new lexicon to sustain the current struggle, and thus engages in developing a new collective dictionary.

Whilst the We Are Here Academy is an educational initiative offering university-level courses for undocumented individuals, inviting experts or academics to teach, Here We Are Academy instead gives the members of We Are Here the position of teachers.

Campus in Camps will be present to explain and foster the Collective Dictionary process, oriented to produce a new series for the occasion.

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