01 | prologue
The program architecture in Exile — Alessandro Petti

02 | the initiatives
The Garden, The Square, The Bridge, The Pool, The Suburb, The Pathways, The Stadium, The Municipality, The Unbuilt.

03 | the collective dictionary
Citizenship, Common1, Common2, Knowledge, Ownership, participation, Relation, Responsibility, sustainability, Vision, Well-Being.

04 | the visitors
Munir Fasheh, Diego segatto, Tarek Hamam, Gudrun Kramer, Wilfried Graf, Oday Karsh, Thomas Ernstbrunner, Ayman Khalifah, Vivien Sansour, Sandi Hilal, Dan mcKenzie, Tala abu Rahmeh, Thea Piltzecker, Iman Simon, Ilana Feldman, Linda Quiquivix, Beatrice Catanzaro, Basel Abbas, Ruanne Abou-Rhame, Tariq Dana, Felicity D. scott, Mohammed Jabali, Ruba Salih, Michel Agier, Thomas Keenan, Moukhtar Kocache, Hanan Toukan, Shadi Chaleshtoori, Jeffrey Champlin, Manuel Herz, C.K. Raju, Fernando Rampérez, Emilio Dabed, Samer Abdelnour.

05 | the reflections
The return to reality — Aysar Al-Saifi
One year in Campus in Camps — Ahmad Al-Lahham
Stepping out of the Chasm — Qussay Abu-Aker
One year of Campus in Camps — Murad Odeh
Back to the roots — Naba’ Al-Assi

06 | epilogue
The House of Wisdom — Munir Fasheh impressions
On Campus in Camps — Michel Agier
Uncertainty as possibility — Ilana Feldman

The initiatives included in these booklets are the result of a collective effort made by the Campus in Camps participants in dialogue with community members, associations and collaborators. They have been inspired through dialogue with Sandi Hilal, Munir Fasheh, Alessandro Petti and activated with Tamara Abu Laban, BraveNewAlps, Ayman Khalifah, Matteo Guidi, Sara Pellegrini, Giuliana Racco, Diego Segatto.


The CIC Book (PDF)