The Suburb: Transgressing boundaries
Contributors: Ahmad Laham, Qussay Abu Aker

“In 2012, the people of the suburb created a local committee to manage life there.
This committee, as the body representing the residents of the suburb, has officially requested to be directly connected with the Popular Committee of Dheisheh.
What makes someone living in a nice villa want to be connected to a place, the refugee camp, which supposed to be temporary? Why would someone choose to be represented through a place, the camp, that is perceived as weak and poor?”

05 | The Suburb (PDF)

The initiatives included in these booklets are the result of a collective effort made by the Campus in Camps participants in dialogue with community members, associations and collaborators. They have been inspired through dialogue with Sandi Hilal, Munir Fasheh, Alessandro Petti and activated with Tamara Abu Laban, BraveNewAlps, Ayman Khalifah, Matteo Guidi, Sara Pellegrini, Giuliana Racco, Diego Segatto, Dena Qaddumi.