Aysar Al Saifi is a young Palestinian writer based in Deheishe refugee camp. He graduated from Bethlehem University in 2010 and has been working for more the 10 years with local NGOs.

Book presentation followed by discussion: Last Lesson by Aysar Al Saifi

Saturday October 6th, 2012 at 14:30 Campus in Camps Al Feneiq Center, Deheishe Refugee Camp

Aysar, one of the 15 participants of Campus in Camps, will publicly present and discuss his first novel The Last Lesson. He wishes to instigate the younger generation of Palestinian refugees to write about their own lives and what affects them.

The Last Lesson revolves around issues of refugeehood, imprisonment, poverty, love and philosophy. Through a mix of memory and fiction, the characters in the book search for their own voices and identities while attempting to redefine their lives.

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