18 April 2012 at Campus in Camps

[ dream ]

It’s the year 2040 and you have obtained the right of return to … (place, civil right or else). In your original camp, you are guiding a group or a person. You are someone with a decisive role here. Describe the environment, the people and what is happening around you.
And then describe the other camps – Dheisheh, Fawwar, Arroub and Azzah – where your friends live. Compare it with 2012.

As a final stage of Camps of Knowledge cycle, the participants were requested to free the perception of themselves in refugee camps through a work of imagination. The meaning of such an intriguing (or weird) question like look at yourself in 2040, started from the difficulty to consider nowadays as an interesting or fertile fact to be taken as a potential value, as a range of suggestions for further ideas-processing, as much as a stimulation to forecast how the idea of Right of Return – in its traditional speech enforced by UN 194 Resolution and by a generation-to-generation transmission – could effect the camps in a future scenario.

The results overcame the premises, displaying how many imageries are pending inside refugees’ lives in terms of imagination, narration and representation available from the participants themselves, in their different approaches and words herein collected in The Collective Dictionary under the term vision.