To celebrate the realisation of the Concrete Tent, a gathering space for communal learning, Campus in Camps has organised a series of public screening during Ramadan every Thursday and Friday  after Iftar (21.30 h) in the garden of the Al Finiq Cultural Center, Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem.

Info: 059-899-4447



Sarah Morris / 38 min / 2008
A conversation with Dr. Georg Sieber, head psychologist of the Munich Police when the Black September group took hostage of the Israeli Olympic Team.
(Selection: Tirdad Zolghadr)

A Voyage on the North Sea
Marcel Broedthaers / 6min / 1974
A silent film by canonical conceptual artist Marcel Broodthaers consisting solely of depictions of ships at sea.
(Selection: Ala Younis & Oraib Toukan)

Battle of Algiers
Gillo Pontecorvo / 120 min / 1966
A portrayal of the Algerian war of liberation, and a canonical representation of urban guerrilla warfare.
(Selection: Phil Collins & Siniša Mitrović)

Birds of September
Sarah Francis / 99 min / 2013
A poetic portrait of residents of Beirut, interviewed in a mobile studio moving through the city.
(Selection: Rasha Salti)

Idioms Film / 26 min / 2004
When a Ramallah film festival fails to include a single Palestinian movie, a group of bubbly young filmmakers decides to take action.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Chicken Heads
Bassam Jerbawi / 15 min / 2009
A story of a shepherd boy, his pet gazelle, and a dog wrongly accused of killing a sheep. Chicken Heads is a coming-of-age narrative exploring a sometimes fine line between facing responsibility for your actions and lying to protect your loved ones.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Children Nevertheless
Khadijeh Habashneh / 22 min / 1984
A film about the orphan children of Tall El Zaatar refugee camp, re- housed after the loss of their parents.
(Selection: Khadijeh Habashneh)

Domestic Tourism II
Maha Maamoun / 62 min / 2009
Through a narrative composed entirely of found footage, Maamoun salvages the pyramids from the status of tourist trinkets, reexamining them in terms of national politics and urban history.
(Selection: Ala Younis & Oraib Toukan)

Friendship’s Death
Peter Wollen / 78 min / 1987
Amman, Black September 1970. As a British correspondent reports on the civil war, he’s joined by an extraterrestrial (played by a young Tilda Swinton) who engages him in a tightly scripted dialogue.
(Selection: Subversive Films)

Home Movies Gaza
Basma Alsharif / 24 min / 2013
A film introducing us to the Gaza Strip as a microcosm for the failures of civilization.
(Selection: Peggy Ahwesh)

I Am Cuba
Mikhail Kalatozov / 135 min / 1964 Language: Spanish / Subtitles: English
Kalatozov’s long forgotten, visually astonishing epic, set in and around Havana in the days preceding the 1959 revolution, is an indictment of imperial decadence.
(Selection: Phil Collins & Siniša Mitrović)

Hassan Khan / 7min / 2010
A hypnotic, haunting piece, involving a prehistoric fish and two men moving to a soundtrack composed by the artist.
(Selection: Casey Asprooth Jackson)

Journey of A Sofa
Alaa Al-Ali/ 8 min/ 2014
To transport a newly bought sofa to your home is an easy task. In a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, this task transforms itself into a Sisyphean journey revealing the complexities and absurdities of the everyday life at the Shatila camp in Lebanon.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Lion of the Desert
Mustafa Akkad / 173 min / 1981
Watch Omar Mukhtar and his comrades defeat General Graziani, the Butcher of Ethiopia!
(Selection: Beit Saa Neighborhood)

Marxism Today (prologue)
Phil Collins / 35 min / 2010
Evocative portraits of three women who taught Marxist political economy under the communist regime of the GDR.
(Selection: Tirdad Zolghadr)

Muslimgauze R.I.P.
Hassan Khan / 8 min / 2010
Muslimgauze was a project formed in 1982 by Manchester musician Bryn Jones, known for his political and musical engagements with the Mideast despite never having visited the region. In Khan’s film, a young boy whiles away a lost afternoon, somewhere in Manchester 1982.
(Selection: Casey Asprooth Jackson)

Of God and Dogs
Abounaddara Collective / 12 min / 2014
A Free Syrian Army fighter confesses to killing a man he questioned extensively, and knew to be innocent.
(Selection: Emily Jacir)

One Hundred Faces for a Single Day
Christian Ghazi / 65 min / 1971
Ghazi joined the armed struggle in 1968. The aesthetic adventurism of his film is surprising for a revolutionary milieu, and anticipates some signature elements of Jean-Luc Godard’s, particularly in terms of the juxtaposition of image and sound.
(Selection: Subversive Films)

Pink Bullet
Ramzi Hazboun / 11 min / 2014
Laughing nightmares, barroom brawls, motorbike thefts, brides with guns: a fantastical, oneiric story of a lifelike Ramallah.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Private Life of a Cat
Maya Deren & Alexandr Hammid / 22min / 1944
An iconic, silent study of a cat and the birth of her kittens in a Manhattan apartment.
(Selection: Ala Younis & Oraib Toukan)

Ramadan Mabrouk Abu al-Alalamein Hamouda
Wael Ehsan / 105 min / 2008
A village schoolteacher is enlisted to take on an upper class city school…
(Selection: Beit Saa Neighborhood)

Rico in the night
Mohanad Yaqubi / 8 min / 2007
This collaboration between Yaqubi and French dancer/ choreographer Jean Gaudin follows the enigmatic character “Rico” through a nocturnal Ramallah.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Sergej Parajanov / 110 min / 1964
Language: Russian / Subtitles: English A delirious vision pieced together from elements of Slavic folklore, religious symbolism and Parajanov’s poetic approach.
(Selection: Phil Collins & Siniša Mitrović)

Shooting Stars Remind Me of Eavesdroppers
Maha Maamoun / 5 min / 2013
A shifting combination of audio registers addressing the intricacies of the act of listening as well as the figure of the listener.
(Selection: Ala Younis & Oraib Toukan)

Tel el Zaatar
Mustafa Abu Ali, Pino Adriano, Jean Chammoun / 72 min / 1977
The only co-production between the Palestinian Cinema Institution & Unitelefilm, the film addresses the 1976 massacre at Tel al Zaatar, a UN- administered camp in Beirut, during the early years of Lebanon’s civil war.
(Selection: Emily Jacir)

The Dupes
Tawfiq Saleh / 107 min / 1972
Three Palestinian refugees attempt to enter Kuwait by hiding in the steel tank of a truck. An adaptation of Ghassan Kanafani’s novella “Men In The Sun”, set in 1950s Iraq.
(Selection: Emily Jacir)

The Island
Sherif Arafa / 92 min / 2007
A star-studded action thriller complete with guns, drugs, cops and revenge.
(Selection: Beit Saa Neighborhood)

The Slapper and the Cap of Invisibility
Hassan Khan / 8 min / 2015
A duo evoking iconic Egyptian actors argue over a plastic “slapper” and a magical “cap of invisibility”. The atmosphere is heavy but humorous, the dialogue gently suggesting
are never acknowledged overtly.
(Selection: Casey Asprooth Jackson)

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Jacques Demy / 91 min /1964 Language: French / Subtitles: English
The unlikely masterpiece of French nouvelle vague, Demy’s “film in song” is both musical and critique of French society at the height of post-war prosperity.
(Selection: Phil Collins & Siniša Mitrović)

Though I Know the River is Dry
Omar R. Hamilton / 19 min / 2013
He has returned to Palestine. Caught between his brother’s past and his child’s future, one man’s choice triggers catastrophe for his family.
(Selection: Idioms Film)

Use! Value! Exchange!
Phil Collins / 21 min / 2010
A onetime teacher of political economy in the GDR introduces Marxist economic analysis to a new generation of students in latter-day Germany.
(Selection: Tirdad Zolghadr)

Viva Zalata
Hasseb Hafez / 123 min / 1976
Zalata, hero of Taxeco, decides his nephew Mitwalli should rule the city after his passing. Alas, Mitwalli lives in Cairo and has never held a gun in his life.
(Selection: Hassan Khan)