Fernando Rampérez is a professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts and Vice-dean for Research of the Faculty of Philosophy of Complutense University in Madrid (UCM). He specializes in the aesthetics and philosophy of arts and contemporary thought of Nietzschean roots, as well as in the relations between philosophy and literature. Besides numerous articles, he published the books “The Break of Representation, the Art of Vanguards and Modern Aesthetics” (Madrid, 2004), “Katabasis: Essay on Contemporary Political Thought” (Madrid, 2006), “20th Century Philosophies” (with Francisco Vidarte, Madrid, 2005) and “In Mistime. Of Proust, Philosophy, Literature and Other Short Stories” (Madrid, 2011)

Philosophy, Community, Resistance
Thursday, May 2nd , 2:30pm
Campus in Camps Al Feneiq Center, Deheishe Refugee Camp

Professor Rampérez will discuss the reaction of students and teachers against the tendencies of the university and educational systems in Spain and Western Europe. Such actions include the University in the Streets, Actions against the Bologna Plan and the Defense of Philosophy.