Saturday, February 8th, 11:00am
Campus in Camps, Al Feneiq Center, (Dheisheh Refugee Camp)

This lecture focused on collaborative approaches as strategies for creating a place and finding the best solution to a spatial problem. Following the presentation of previous works, the idea of a workshop was introduced for the realization of an architectural intervention in dialogue with the Unbuilt group operating in Dheisheh.
Dan discussed the topic of process planning/participatory planning as a means to develop the unbuilt site into a multi-step project along with possible points of departure for the action. The three-step process begins with an analysis of needs, followed by the formulation of a hypothesis and finalized by the actual use.

Biographical note

Dan is a member of the ONOFF collective: a network of architects, designers, filmmakers and urban planners investigating the city, the complexity of which offers the grounds for experiments concerning the contemporary condition as well as the opportunity to question, tune and discover new realities.
Dan is currently finishing his Master of Architecture at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole (BAS), Norway.
Over the past two years he has worked for raumlaborberlin (, AllDesign ( and ONOFF (

The Space of the Commons // Dheisheh Refugee Camp