The Tree School is a project initiated by two groups that share a common interest in decolonizing knowledge: members of Campus in Camps and Brazilian-based art collective Contrafilé. The project, with the publication presented on Ibraaz platform, is part of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo, and aims to cultivate and produce knowledge that emerges from regions of the world that rarely speak to each other, despite the fact they have much in common. In this, The Tree School, which was formed so as to make new forms of knowledge production possible, presents an initiative that aims to bridge ‘two worlds’ that share similar urgencies in terms of social justice and equality.

The Tree School was made possible in part by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives

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→ December 20, 2014 – Planting the Baobab in Tainã Culture House 
Day 20/12, we started planting the baobab. At first, the baobab was planted in the subtle dimension. It was seated in Tainã Culture House, receiving the warm welcome of all Tainã / Mocambos family. Offerings were made to him in connection with Palestine. In this ritual, we draw a line between the baobab and Palestine, strengthening the idea of ​​humanity, “common”, construction of other possible worlds. In a few weeks it will be the second step of planting, when its roots are in the earth. Again TC spoke of Tala and Sama as beautiful and an important presence in this process.
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